Skarvuets Restaurant

Dining at Skarvruet is truly special. Our restaurant is furnished in a festive style. Atmospheric candles ensure for a vivid lighting and the panoramic view over the Rödfjället in the south is much more beautiful that any painting could ever be. The light and nature change with every hour and – of course – with every season.

A festive atmosphere while we meet for dinner at our restaurant at Skarvruet means a lot to us.

The dishes served should convey the feeling of tradition and truly good ingredients. The combination in which we compose exotic regional ingredients like moose, reindeer, mushrooms and berries, make the experience extraordinary. All other ingredients are mainly from the vicinity, too. Such as the codfish or the sea trout from the nearby Atlantic Ocean. We rely on handmade food – as we love freshly self-made plain cooking, known as „Husmanskost“.

Tore Wretman launched „Husmanskost“ back in the 1950ies – among others at special places such as at the „Opernkeller“. We regard this to be a lucky coincidence, which has raised the status of our good nordic „Hausmannskost“, too.


Breakfast gets served along side atmospheric lights at the restaurant where we offer many variations suiting any individual taste.

  • Homemade organic whole-grain bread, protein bread and usual breads
  • Cereals handmade from organic ingredients such as oat, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, dried fruit and different kinds of nuts
  • Organic groats
  • Different kinds of cold cuts, cheeses and cream cheeses, homemade liverwurst, ham and salami
  • Different kinds of homemade marmalades, jams, curds
  • Boiled eggs
  • Milk, yogurt, “filmjölk”, real apple juice and fruits
  • Different teas, coffee and hot chocolate

Lunch package

  • The lunch package combines all kinds of breakfast components.
  • We do also have homemade groats and apples that fit well into the lunch bag.


Our dinner is a 3 course menu with supplements.
Have a look at some examples of our menu under “Skarvruets Menu”.