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Along the timberline up in the Swedish highlands at about 850 meters above sea level, having a spectacular view over the “fjäll”, lies Skarvruet – a tourist station that welcomes highland enthusiasts ever since the 1940s. Skarvruet lies at the southern part of the Kungsleden hiking trail in Jämtland, Härjedalen.

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With panoramas of the fjäll world in three cardinal directions – the Sönfjället in the East, Myskoxarnas land as well as the Rödfjället at the western border to Norway – lies Skarvruets highland hotel at the feet of the so called Skarvarna mountains. This is where we enjoy days with majestic and colourful sunrises and just as magical sunsets in the West.

After either a daytrip or a relaxed day in the fjäll, body and mind can enjoy coming home at a cosy crackling open fire. This is where the romantic fjäll experience happens and lets you forget the everyday stress easily.

Staying at Skarvruet is an adventure. The rustic fjäll feeling resides within every detail of the many rooms – from the rather modern conference room, the entertainment room, the celebration room just as inside the sauna, the spa and the cure area and not least on the spacious south facing sun deck.

Wilderness, Wildlife  and Wellness

Through all the years, Skarvruet has been a venue for admires of the highland and “fjäll foxes”, of course. But it fits just as perfect to guests searching for the unique silent and relaxing highland experience that lets them calm down. Skarvruet reflects everything that the nordic fjäll has to offer and invites you to experience the wilderness. Even the fantastic northern lights, called “aurora borealis”, can be witnessed up here.

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