Your adventure begins just outside the door

Skarvruet lies directly in the wilderness, though it has a good connection to the nearby alpine ski resorts of Funäsdalen and Tänndalen. However, you can simply put on your cross country skis, show shoes or hiking boots or jump on either a mountain bike or snowmobile and follow the tracks that start directly outside the doorstep of our hotel. Within about 15 minutes you can reach the plateau of the Skarvarna mountains, that welcome you with a breathtaking panorama of mountain tops in every direction. Depending on which season you visit us, the area has a great variety of outdoor activities and cultural highlights to offer.


The area around Skarvruet is famous for being a winter wonderland with about 7 months of snow. You may take the short ride to one of the many downhill ski slopes or put on your cross country skis and start your tour on the tracks directly outside the hotel. If you want to explore the woods offside the paths you may try the snow shoes and if you would rather like to speed around, a guided snowmobile tour might be the perfect fit for you. But if you just want to sit back and relax, you can book “Tänndalens vesseltrafik” for a trip up to the Malmbäck Alpine Lodge where you can enjoy some fresh waffles and a breathtaking panorama with white mountains tops all around.

On some crystal clear winter nights, when temperatures fall way below 0° C, you might also get a chance to observe the magical Northern Lights dancing in the sky above the hotel.

The UNESCO protected city of Røros welcomes you to experience several highlights during the winter, such as the Christmas market in the first week of December. In February you can visit the famous crafting market and stroll along the tiny streets of Røros with its colorful traditional wooden facades that invite you in to the many charming little boutiques and backyards where all kinds of traditional and artisanal Scandinavian and Sami crafts are getting presented.


We have hiking trails all around, ranging from easy family-friendly day tours to big challenges like taking yourself all the way up the 1797 meters high Helags which is the highest mountain in Sweden below the polar circle. You can also explore the area with a mountain bike or with a canoe or kayak. And why not give it a try to catch arctic char, trout or a grayling? We have more than 200 lakes and over 300 kilometers of streaming waters waiting for you to cast your fly or start spin fishing.

You may also visit the UNESCO protected city of Røros across the border in Norway to wander the colorful streets of the old copper mining town. And you should save some time to visit the Sami, the native inhabitants of northern Scandinavia. Their tribes have lived outdoors in the highlands for centuries and the Sami traditions are still a vital part of the society within our area.


The region of Jämtland / Härjedalen is home to a great variety of wild animals and unique nature phenomena. The “king of the forest”, the moose, is part of Jämtland’s official emblem for a good reason, since you may not only spot him in animal parks but also as he crosses the roads from time to time.

Besides mooses, foxes, beavers, lynx, snow hares, golden eagles and a great variety of other birds, Härjedalen is one of the rare spots where you can also go on a photo safari for another fascinating inhabitant of the wild: the bear. These exclusive guided tours however, can only be booked around September and until the winter comes. At all other times our very respected neighbor usually keeps a good distance from human beings.

During the rest of the year you always have good chances to meet the reindeers that roam the highlands and woods all around us. And you should save some time to visit the musk. There are merely a handful left running wild in Sweden – actually almost right outside our doorstep. But to make sure you will get to observe them, you can visit a nearby musk park, where these wonderful animals have found shelter and a refuge.