Skarvruets Högfjällshotell AB

Skarvruvägen 20 | 840 98 Tänndalen, Sweden | Tel: 0684–22 111 | Orgnr. 556744-1232.

Booking Terms

Booking Conditions

For you as our guest at our hotel we will:

  • confirm your booking with a written confirmation.
  • ensure that you get access to the booked accommodation as of 16.00h on the confirmed date of arrival until 10.00h on the confirmed date of departure.
When is my booking binding?

When you have paid the deposit or the total sum you have accepted our booking conditions and your booking is binding.

When do I have to pay?

Accommodation + Meals as well as accommodation only

The full payment needs to reach our account 30 days before the date of arrival.
If you book 60 days in advance, a deposit of 25% of the total sum needs to be paid immediately (we count 5 days) and the rest 75% needs to reach our account 30 days before the date of arrival.
You can cancel your booking until 30 days before arrival.
Should you cancel later that 30 days before arrival we do not refund the money you have already paid.

What happens if I do not pay in time?

If you do not pay the deposit or the total sum in time, we will regard this as a cancellation of your booking and the rules for a cancellation will apply.

What happens if I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking in written or by giving us a call. We will confirm your cancellation in written.

If you cancel your booking when there are at least 30 days or more left until the date of arrival we will refund the amount you have already paid.

Should you cancel later that 30 days before arrival we do not refund the money you have already paid.

What are my rights?

If you have any complaints you may direct them to our staff at the reception as soon as possible. You may address any problems that occur during your visit as quickly as possible so that we get a chance to solve them.
If you do not address problems that occur, or of you do not claim them within short notice, you will lose your right to reclaim.

What are my obligations?

At least one of the guests staying in our rooms, apartments, houses, must be at least 18 years old and needs to be present during the whole stay. Persons under the age of 18 may not stay at our rooms, apartment, houses alone.
Between 22.00h and 7.30h shall all our guest behave considerate towards other guest and try to be as quiet as possible
You take full financial responsibility for damages to our rooms, apartments, houses and the respective inventory that are caused either by yourself or by someone who is staying with you.

Should you be staying with more people than what you have indicated while booking, you may inform us about this change before you arrive.

You must return the key to the room, apartment, house at the end of your stay.


Final cleaning is only included in the prices for our hotel rooms and studios.
Cleaning is not included in the prices at our hostel, neither are towels, linnen for the beds, papers included. Cleaners and cleaning devices can be borrowed at the reception.

Should you want to book the final cleaning you may do so at least 2 days before departure or as you are booking your stay.
No matter whether you have booked the cleaning with us or not, you are always responsible for the cleaning of used dishes, for leaving your waste to the container as well as for setting any item in the rooms back to where it belongs before you leave.

Should you not book the final cleaning with us, it is your obligation to leave the room/apartment/house in a clean condition that lets the following guests enjoy their stay.
Otherwise we may issue an invoice for the final cleaning with the respective rate.

Storage of valuable items and luggage inside your room

Our hotel is not obliged to store personal belongings of a high value or items that may put our staff or other guests into dangerous situations. Our hotel does not bear any responsibility for the personal belongings that you store inside the booked accommodation or any other room.

Your own safety

Please do always take note of where our emergency exits, stairs and fire extinguishers are situated. Have a look at the detailed information on the back of your hotel room´s door. Please read the brochure “att bo på Skarvruet” (staying at Skarvruet).

War, natural catastrophe, strike etc.

The partners (hotel & guest) have a right to cancel the booking contract in case the room/apartment/house should not be available due to war, natural catastrophe, strikes, fire, longer terms of shortages in water or electricity or any other similar severe event that neither the hotel or guest could foresee or prevent.

What happens in case we can not solve a conflict?

Please contact us directly in case of any claims. We reserve the right to provide a solution in due course. Should we manage to present a solution, you can not claim deductions to the agreed prices. If you have not informed us about the problem immediately and we hence did not get a chance to provide a solution, you loose your rights to claim. If we decide to provide a compensation for any occurred problems, this compensation may in most cases be a voucher that you can use during your stay or for your next booking at Skarvruets Högfjällshotell.